It is 2060, and Jakarta is in utter chaos. Two largest gangs have been involved in open war in the last four years, at the expense of the Capital, and the authorities can barely stop them.

Andrew and Daniel Jatmiko, the leaders of Sky Claw, are battling the Dragons with their limited resources, but when Andrew gets stabbed in the middle of the day among the crowd and faces imminent death, Daniel has no option but to call their youngest brother, Ray, who’s never been in good terms with them both.

Ray, a former soldier turned private investigator to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy that claims his best friend’s life, has no interest in aiding his brothers who have chosen the underworld than to live normal lives, not even when Danny asks for his help and that Andy’s life is on the edge of the knife.

Thinking that the gang war is just a stupid stuff his brothers choose to involve in, Ray is in for a sore surprise when he uncovers that there are people with insidious motives lurking behind it, secretly leading the march towards the Capital’s fast decimation for the sake of their own profit.

Will Ray help his brothers and finally make peace with them? Or will he just focus on cracking the truth that took his friend’s life and be damned with his brothers?


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