Me & The Awesomely Inspiring People I’ve Met

Before I was too tied up with my daily job – and, delightfully, my books – I’ve had the chance to travel a bit with an NGO dedicated for children’s education, and met a few fellow writers from my country, Indonesia, one of them is Mr. Saut Poltak Tambunan whose idealism keeps him writing about the local wisdom of his hometown, and many others.

With these renowned authors, I then have had the honour of being introduced into a wonderful friendship with the wonderful children of Percisa (Youth Press of Cisalak), a community in Tasikmalaya, West Java that teaches journalism and literature to elementary-school-age children under guidance of Mr. Dude, their schoolteacher.

I’ve also had the pleasure of becoming friends with Hayati Mayang Arum or Ai as she likes to be called, and her good friends from Baju Kopral, a youth journalism community for high-schooler.

Both of these two wonderful communities have been working in their respective areas in West Java to encourage journalism from early age. At first, they received little to no support, but overtime, people started to listen, and they thrived. I’m one of those who’s had the privilege of knowing them, and I want to share their spirit.

You can find these communities on Facebook.

There are also the young authors whose spirits inspired me, such as Jayadi Reiji who passionately learns anything he could on writing and from anyone he could get contact with, and others, and I’m grateful to have known them.

May we all continue to inspire one another to keep our feet in the world of stories.

Aya Lancaster


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