My Own Story

I’d say that I am quite an avid reader of the supernatural, and crime thriller, among other genres, which led me to write stories.

As I’ve stated at the beginning of this website, the book I’ve written and currently working on are stories that I’m here to reveal. Whether it’s for my sake, or for theirs, or all the words in my books are just that, words, well, who knows, like my words up front, you decide that.

Besides, I also want to entertain you with the idea of the worlds where supernatural is no myth, and instead, it’s something that once roamed freely on Earth, and then it was gradually buried, and had since been kept from our world because most of us are not yet ready for the gruesomeness it represents, the possibility that many bad things you see on the news have had a helping hand. But, like our own world of reality, the supernatural world has its own definition of beauty and wisdom, one that many of us can’t comprehend.

Okay, then, the talk got a bit too serious, just don’t get a wrong idea like I came from Planet P (wait, scratch that, that’s a fiction bug planet). I’m just here to write, and I live with my husband, Julian, in Jakarta, the Capital of our country, the same city as our big family.

I’ve co-written few scripts meant for short movies, and translated short stories written by Mr. Saut Poltak Tambunan. These translated stories were first printed in in a small book I handed out at the book-signing event in AARP New Orleans in 2012.

I’ve recently translated into English, a comic book by the Percisa children.

You can look these awesome kids and their teacher Mr. Dude, and Mr. Saut Poltak Tambunan up on Something More, just check the navigation menu, or hey, just check them out on Facebook.

Moving on, I had participated in Bali Emerging Writers Festival 2012, and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2012, and also took part in a book-signing event in Los Angeles 2013.

I’ve also participated and became one of the guest lecturers in a lecture at Parahyangan Catholic University in October 2015.

All and all, everything in those books, I dedicated to you, who is curious enough to flip open the pages, and willing to believe that there’s still hidden wonders in this world.

Aya Lancaster

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